Infant Program: 6 weeks to 12 months

Our program is designed to know your baby and your babies needs. Our babies are cared for by friendly, enthusiastic, and responsive caregivers. Our environment is a happy environment.  Your babies daily needs will be addressed through smiles and constant eye contact. Loving interaction between your baby and caregiver is given during diaper changes, feelings, rest time, and play time.

Because our caregivers are talking with your baby on a constant basis your baby's exposure to vocabulary is vast and wide. Songs are frequently sung and soothing music at nap time. There is plenty of cuddle time and your baby is given plenty of attention.

Parents are kept up to date with a daily sheet that will include feeding times, diaper changes, naps times, and activities that have happened throughout you baby's day.  Constant communication between caregiver and parents is a daily goal for us.

Our infant room has a home atmosphere with cribs, age appropriate toys, bouncers, high chairs and individual cubbies for your baby.  There is adequate space for our caregivers and your baby to sit on the floor during play time. Our program welcomes parents to come and breast feed if that is their desire. We are here to provide your baby with a comfortable and safe setting.

7:00 am  Attendance and Health Check
   Breakfast and Floor Play
 9:00 am  Diapers
 9:30 am  Belly Time
10:00 am  Stories
10:30 am  Learning Play / Outside
11:00 am  Diapers
11:30 am  Lunch Time
12:30 pm  Learning Play
 1:00 pm  Diapers
 1:30 pm  Stories
 2:00 pm  Belly Time
 2:30 pm  Music & Movement
 3:00 pm  Diapers
 3:30 pm  Snacks & Floor Play
 5:00 pm  Recheck all diapers