Pre School Program: 4 to 5 years

Our Pre-School is designed to have all children learn to develop confidence and positive self esteem.  They will learn to express their natural curiosity and develop a life-long love of learning.  They will learn to understand and accept strengths and weaknesses in each other.  They will develop an increased willingness to explore new materials and experiences. They will increase their knowledge of themselves in relation to others.  Students will acquire developmentally appropriate social interaction skills.   Students will acquire strategies for successful negotiation of conflict with peers and adults.  Students will develop symbolic representational skills as a foundation to later literacy and math concepts.  Throughout the school year the students will continue to develop cognition, pre-academic, language, motor and self help abilities.

  7:00 am  Free Play & Breakfast
  9:15 am  Circle Time
  9:45 am  Reading / Centers
 10:30 am  Snack
10:45 am  Reading / Math / Printing
11:30 am  Story Time
11:40 am  Outside / Music & Movement
12:20 pm  Lunch
 1:00 pm  Nap
 2:00 pm  Coloring
 2:30 pm  Small Motor Skills
 2:50 pm  Circle Time II
 3:10 pm  Puzzles & Games
 3:30 pm  Outside / Music & Movement
 4:15 pm  Snack
4:30 pm  Free Play